Help With Building Control Access Issues

Access All Areas provides valuable assistance with meeting your planning requirements and current building compliance. We provide valuable help with Building Control access issues and disabled access.  Helping Building Control and local authorities to fully understand the true requirements of the Equality Act. This enables you to get plans signed off that previously required difficult to meet, unreasonable requests.

The requirements of the Equality Act are that you should make a “reasonable adjustment” in meeting tBuilding control disabled accesshe needs of people with disabilities. Sadly many Building Control staff have no access officer within their department or even employed by the Council that Building Control are working. They often simply quote Part M of the Building Regulations as a 100% must comply with with no knowledge or understand the important of reasonable adjustment under the Act.

This approach if not challenged can cost you as a business a great deal of money, often running into many thousands of pounds as well as severely delaying your building project.

Since 2003 we have assisted many businesses that have struggled to meet unreasonable requests by Building Control including the installation of unneeded passenger lifts when all disabled facilities are offered on the ground floor, hard to meet ramp gradients, additional disabled WC’s and much more. We work with you and prepare access statements that satisfy Building Regulations and work with them so they can understand the issues and assist with coming to a reasonable and financially viable solution while still providing full disabled access and egress needs.

Contact us for help with Building Control access issues and let us work with you to identify your actual requirements and highlight them in a way that Building Control understand.

Access All Areas – The sensible approach to Building Control compliance

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Disability Discrimination Claim Assistance

Access All Areas provides disability discrimination claim assistance to all UK businesses, hotels and shops.  The best overall way of avoiding a case of disability discrimination claim being brought against you as a service provider is to address your access and egress issues before they become a problem. This is the aim of our “reasonable adjustment” access audit service. However not all businesses have undertaken this level of protection and many eventually find themselves facing a claim of disability discrimination against them by a disabled person.

A typical disability discrimination claim includes poor or no access for wheelchair user to your services, that could be into your shop, restaurant or hotel, it could be that you are not providing your services to blind, visually impaired of deaf customers. There are a multitude of reasons why disability discrimination would result in a claim Disability Discrimination Claim image

We can assist you by advising on whether or not we believe the claimant has a viable case against you as well as assisting with making “reasonable adjustments to help reduce the risk of a further disability discrimination claim occurring in the future as well as settling any ongoing claim.

We have assisted many service providers, legal establishments and recently a great increase in “no win – no fee” lawyers acting on behalf of disabled people that rightly or wrongly feel they have a discrimination claim that has caused them distress or injury.

Disabled people have a right to receive the same level of service or treatment as a non-disabled person, if that cannot be achieved then a reasonable adjustment to how you provide your services must be made in order to prevent a disability discrimination claim. It may well be that you have made that reasonable adjustment and you have no case to answer, we can help you by investigating what you do have in place.

When it is evident that discrimination has occurred we will advise you on what we believe to be the best course of action to avoid a costly court case as well as a serious blow to the reputation of your business.

Access All Areas – The sensible approach to DDA & Equality Act compliance

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Client Testimonials

Access All Areas provided us with a comprehensive audit which included a helpful list of suggestions of ‘reasonable’ steps we could take to improve our compliance. Their detailed illustrative report proved a useful tool to convince the Managing Trustees of priorities which needed to be addressed and helped prompt further strategic thinking on ways we could further improve the facilities in our building to the benefit of all users.

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8EP

Thank you very much for attending site to inspect the issues regarding access in and around our building to comply with current DDA Regulations. We were very impressed with your professionalism and sound practical advice with respect to the issues we addressed together on site. The report and further information produced by you was extremely useful and has provided us with a clear and concise strategy to address the DDA requirements in the building for the next financial year. Thank you for your kind assistance with this matter. We would not hesitate in using your company again if any further related matters arise.

Mizuho Corporate Bank River Plate House
Finsbury circuis
London EC2M 7DH

Access All Areas have undertaken a great deal of DDA audits on our housing schemes throughout the Midlands, their scale of reasonable adjustment, disability and DDA knowledge has allowed us to undertake steady improvements to around 100 schemes to better offer our services to people of all disabilities. We found each report not only very comprehensive but very easy to follow. We would gladly recommend their services to any other company, large or small.

Spirita Housing Raleigh House
Alfreton Road

I have been very pleased with the level of service and flexibility provided by Access All Areas, we as a company have benefited greatly from their advice and expertise and the reasonable adjustment measures that allow us to continually achieve sensible, cost effective and workable solutions to the needs of the disabled as well as the requirements of the DDA.

Russell Green Director
Care Principles

Access All Areas undertook an extensive DDA audit of our Mayhew Animal Home to assist us with a grant to improve disabled access.  With the help of the funding we have implemented the recommended changes within their report.  Access All Areas also reduced the overall charge to include a donation to the running of our animal home. We would not hesitate to use their services again if ever needed.

Mayhew Animal Home Kensal Green
NW10 6BJ

Thank you very much for the DDA report. It looks very good and I like the way it has been laid out thereby making an action plan easy to follow.

Shaftesbury Dental Clinic Durham Road


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Access All Areas – the sensible approach to DDA compliance

Your Number One Disability Access Audit Specialist In The UK – All locations Covered

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Disability Access Audit Costs

The cost of a DDA Equality Act access audit report depends greatly on many factors. When requesting quotes from various audit companies your greatest concern should be how much will the recommendations within the report cost me? As mentioned in other pages of our site, we are very much aware of the overall costs to you and while we consider our access audit prices to be exceptionally competitive we are fully aware of your costs. Most importantly the cost of any changes you may need to make. Access All Areas always considers the financial burden involved in gaining compliance.  Seeking a more financial rewarding result for our clients while still giving you the highest level of access and egress solutions that meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

It is imperative that we discuss your needs with you in detail to establish what areas do/do not need to be audited. This is a free service with a no obligation proposal and quotation.  The cost of our services and the production and supply of our comprehensive disability equality access audit will be based on the services within your building, such as receptions, WC’s, lifts, stairs, meeting rooms etc. As an example if you have a large building with ten meeting rooms, We would suggest we audit only two of those rooms. (There is no need to have disability compliance in multiple rooms that serve the same purpose) This not only keeps the cost of your access audit report down but more importantly keeps your recommendation costs down. This is standard practice for Access All Areas.

We are able to be flexible with our pricing structure to best meet your needs. Multiple properties will of course receive discounted prices for the entire contract. Although Access All Areas covers all of the UK, we do not charge for mileage or accommodation. Our price quoted is the price you pay.

Call or email Access All Areas today for friendly straight talking free advice on 01255-242777
A phone call to us will cost you Pence, choosing the wrong access auditor could cost you Pounds!

The DDA was approved by the Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister. Access All Areas is proud to be the access audit company chosen to undertake their audits and many of the UK’s largest establishments throughout many UK locations.

Access All Areas

Your Number One Disabled Access audit specialist In The UK

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Reasons to Choose Access All Areas

Access All Areas does not believe in simply coming along to your business and producing an access report that makes high cost recommendations in accordance to British Standards 8300 & Buildings Regulations Part M. We do indeed use these requirements to produce our access reports but instead of just seeing a problem and quoting the often costly solutions from these references, we look for alternative solutions under the realm of ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ the previous Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the now Equality Act of 2010 state that compliance to the act should be by ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ Access All Areas has implemented this time and time again to save our customers a great deal of money. Access All Areas has a disabled access auditor on their team that fully understands disabled issues as well as the law.

Every building is unique in its access and egress problems and solutions. Access All Areas spends a great deal of time studying the solutions as well as the problems. We work hand in hand with our customers and greatly value your input before producing a report. This helps you gain full compliance to the Act by means designed to suit your individual needs and available finances. Access All Areas finds cost effective solutions to your access & egress issues with assistance from our disabled qualified access auditor.

Nobody can understand the issues, problems and solutions of disability access and egress better than a disabled person. Not only that, a disabled person that fully understands ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ and the Equality Act.

All our access audit reports are backed up by our after sales telephone help-line service this is a unique service that offers continued assistance in meeting the requirements of your access audit report. (However long it takes) Access all Areas holds full professional indemnity insurance and has undertaken all areas of Disability awareness, Disability access/egress, the DDA and the Equality Act 2010 including BS8300 & building regulations Part M and Health & Safety issues.

To offer you further assurance of the quality of our services we are more than happy to pass contact details of our satisfied Previous Customers for you to speak to.

Call or email Access All Areas today for friendly straight talking free advice on 01255-242777
A phone call to us will cost you Pence, choosing the wrong access auditor could cost you Pounds!

The DDA was approved by the Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister. Access All Areas is proud to be the access audit company chosen to be involved in their audits (GOEM)

Access All Areas accessibility DDA audit statement by reasonable adjustment.

Your Number One Equality Act 2010 Access Audit Specialist In The UK


Could Your Disabled WC Facilities Put Your Business Down The Pan?

Did the above statement made you laugh? Sadly that question is very much reality and if you are serious about protecting your business you seriously need to read on!

  • Studies have shown that a staggering 95% of disabled WC facilities offered for public use by businesses, hotels, shops etc are not only illegal but are dangerous and could result in your company being sued.
  • More than 80% of newly fitted disabled WC facilities are incorrectly installed without your knowledge.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act (now the Equality Act 210) has very specific requirements for disabled WC’s. A case of injury or death due to not meeting these requirements would be very difficult if not impossible to defend.
  • Disabled WC facilities have to meet the needs of wheelchair users, the blind, visually impaired and ambient disabled as well as the many disabilities including, sensory, physical and learning disabilities.
  • Apart from access and egress the single most important as well as dangerous areas are your WC facilities.

The Solution

The solution is not only very simple, it is vital to your business protection, cost effective and meets your customers needs and your legal obligations.

Access All Areas has over 30 years of disability knowledge, knows your customers needs and further more fully understands and implements your legal requirements under the DDA. In short we protect your business and meet your disabled clients needs.

The requirements of disabled WC facilities are vast and very specific, they need to meet both sanitary and washing requirements in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. The simple and one stop solution is to call Access All Areas and let us worry about the rest.

Call Access All Areas today on 01255-242777 and reduce the risk of your business going down the pan.

The DDA was approved by the Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister. Access All Areas is proud to be the access audit company chosen to be involved in their audits

Your Number One Disabled Access Audit Specialist In The UK

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Disability Discrimination Equality Act Access Audit Images

The photographs above are examples only a small sample of issues raised within past DDA access audit reports. On average Access All Areas takes over 150 images of the details of the access site visit. Thankfully most are taken for reference reasons with specific photographs used within the final access report to highlight areas of non compliance along with Reasonable Adjustment recommendations to meet your individual requirements.

Call or email Access All Areas today for friendly straight talking free advice on 01255-242777
A phone call to us will cost you Pence, choosing the wrong access auditor could cost you Pounds!


DDA/Equality Act Reasonable Adjustment Access Audit

The DDA Act of 1995 to 2005 required that compliance to the Disability Discrimination Act should be by ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ The Equality Act 2010 came into force on October 1st 2010 and carries forward the past requirements of the DDA.  Access All Areas are experts in this field and fully  work with the reasonable adjustment requirements. With the assistance of our highly skilled disability equality access auditors we feel we are unique in offering reasonable adjustment access audits that find an even balance between the required regulations and your needs.  We believe in the vital addition of common sense ‘Reasonable Adjustment’.  We do not believe in making costly unnecessary recommendations in our access statement for you to gain compliance to the Act. Access All Areas is receiving requests to re-audit many buildings undertaken by other companies that have simply not applied ‘Reasonable Adjustment’  Resulting in non practice and expensive changes that today’s businesses cannot sustain.

We believe our Client List is a statement of our high quality services.

The Code of Practice states that what is reasonable will vary according to:

  • The type of service being provided.
  • The nature of the service provider and its size and resources.
  • How the person’s disability affects them in that context.
  • Supplying the service by other reasonable means, such as home visiting etc.


One small church recently contacted us after receiving a past DDA access audit report statement with recommendations totaling £40-000. This included removing & replacing all the church pews with removable seating to make way for wheelchair users. We simply recommended removing one pew to make room for two wheelchairs after investigations showed that the church had a weekly congregation of TWELVE! (‘Reasonable Adjustment’ in action’) Another recommendation was a costly ramp to gain entry up the front steps into a public building. Upon investigation we discovered a level entrance at the rear of the building located off of a busy side street. Clear signage directing those unable to manage the steps giving directions to the rear of the building was recommended at minimum cost. (‘Reasonable Adjustment’ in action’)

A very important issue about ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ is timescales of work to be undertaken. We take into account your available finances and mostly suggest you undertake the improvements within your own regular building maintenance periods. Any areas of Health & Safety are judged on there severity. The important fact is that you have a disabled equality access audit report completed showing you have recognised the non compliance of your building/service and you are working on a scheduled implementation of access improvements designed to meet your individual finances.

  • We were recently requested to take over the past DDA access audit of a 15 storey building in central London after part of the previous auditors recommendations included the immediate replacement of 85 doors that had high vision panels. We simple requested the correction of panels in the busiest areas to be undertaken at their next maintenance period, with the remainder over a five year period. 31 doors were excluded from correction due to being in non public and non working areas. (‘Reasonable Adjustment’ in action’)

A phone call to us will cost you Pence, choosing the wrong access auditor could cost you Pounds!
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