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Sensible Cost Effective Approach to Disabled Access

Access All Areas has been assisting with the Disability Discrimination Act needs of the UK since 2003. We work one to one with our clients to achieve the best and most cost effective solution in meeting your access audit needs. Saving you money by implementing reasonable adjustments is our priority along with achieving safe disabled access and egress and of course disability compliance. We have an impressive Client list of the largest UK businesses and Government bodies because of our sensible and cost effective approach.

The Equality Act of 2010 enforces the requirements of the previous Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) this is a serious act with serious consequences for non compliance. We remove that worry and in turn improve your disabled access. Avoiding unnecessary expensive changes and meeting your needs and the needs of the disabled in a sensible manner is our priority. We implement Reasonable Adjustment measures in each access audit we undertake to help you comply with the disability equality laws.

Compliance should be painless as well as improving access for all disabled people. Access and egress planning is written into your detailed access statement as a continued plan towards achieving full Equality Act compliance in both new and old buildings. As access consultants we work one to one with Building Control when required. The Equality Act 2010 maintains the duties previously imposed by the Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005.

Each bespoke accessibility report contains recommendations that are easily followed and understood with realistic and manageable timescales. Reports are personally written to meet your individual needs as well as available finances. For more reasons why you should choose Access All Areas for your disability compliance needs please see Why choose Access All Areas? or better still call us to discuss your needs in detail. We are one of the first access audit companies, our services are in demand because of our knowledge and sensible approach to past DDA and current Equality Act 2010 requirements.

Ring Access All Areas today and take advantage of our years of expertise in disability and our immense experience of disabled people’s real needs. We are here to make your life easier not bombard you with regulations and recommendations you cannot meet.

A phone call to us will cost you Pence. Having the wrong advice could cost you a great deal more.

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Access All Areas – the sensible approach to DDA/Equality Act compliance

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